Illinois Department of Human Services

Division of Developmental Disabilities – PUNS List

(Waitlist for Adult/Child Home and Community Based Services Waiver Program)


What the heck is a PUNS?

PUNS stands for Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services. PUNS is a database of Illinois children, adolescents, and adults with developmental disabilities who have needs – or anticipate having needs – for developmental disability services or supports. This database will help families whether they need services immediately or anticipate needing services in the future.

Some developmental disabilities are: cerebral palsy, Autism, IQ below 70, some seizure disorders, Down syndrome, and Fragile X.

Possible services include:

  • In-home supports to help you live more independently.
  • Respite care to provide temporary relief to your caregiver.
  • Training Programs to teach life and work skills.
  • Job coaches to help you succeed in the workplace.
  • Residential living arrangements to provide you with the security and care you need.
  • Adaptive equipment to make you more independent.
  • Other supports to improve your quality of life.


Pre-Admission Screener Provider.

These organizations are under contract with the State to enroll individuals in the PUNS database, complete assessments to determine eligibility for services, and assist individuals in linking to needed services and providers.

Once you have completed your interview and your information is entered into the PUNS database, you are put on a waiting list and your need for services will be categorized as one of the following.

  • Emergency – need immediate services (homelessness, abuse or neglect).
  • Critical – need services within 1 year.
  • Planning for need – need services in 1-5 years.

A completed process does not confirm that you are eligible for services nor guarantee that services will be provided, however, it does ensure that the Illinois Department of Human Services knows about your need for service.

Independent Service Coordination Agency for the City of Berwyn and the Township of Berwyn, IL is Suburban Access, Inc.  900 Maple Ave., Homewood, IL 60430; 708-799-9190 or Toll Free 800-507-5057;

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