How to File a Witness Slip

The purpose of a Witness Slip is for the public at large to express support of or opposition to State of Illinois House or Senate bills. They can be submitted by an individual or a firm, business or agency. Witness slips are submitted to the Illinois General Assembly (ILGA).

The ILGA “Dashboard” lists all House and Senate committee hearings on specific bills and is where a specific bill can be accessed to submit a witness slip. This is the direct link to the Dashboard, ILGA Dashboard, or go to

This is the link to the Witness Slip User Guide for the State of Illinois,

These are brief instructions on filing out a witness slip:

  1. Go to ILGA Dashboard.
  2. Select House or Senate from the left-hand column.
  3. Select your targeted Committee Hearing. They are listed by date at the top: “Today”, “Week”, “Month”, “Previous”.
  4. Click on “View Hearing Details” on the right.
  5. Click on “Create a Witness Slip” on the right and fill in your information requested on the form.
  6. Select “Record of Appearance Only” if you are not submitting written or oral testimony.
  7. Check the box that you agree to the Terms of Agreement and click on “Create a Slip” on the bottom right-hand.

You’re Done!

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